P2P Network

The National Bus Rapid Transit Institute has established a BRT Peer-2-Peer (P2P) program. The P2P program sponsors travel, communications, and associated costs for our BRT experts to provide their expertise regarding BRT. The BRT experts are designated based on geography and specific technical expertise. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge by becoming a P2P peer, please contact Dennis Hinebaugh.

Procedures for becoming a BRT-P2P Expert

P2P experts will come to the program from a variety of ways.  Most peer experts are expected to be recommended to the program by FTA staff, APTA resources, BRT Consortium members, and from website requests to become a peer expert (available at www.NBRTI.org). 

The NBRTI has developed a process for selecting BRT-P2P experts.  This process is based on the individual’s expertise, and the relevance/applicability of that expertise to the P2P program needs.  Other factors to be considered include the geographical distribution of peer experts, and the social/presentation skills of the candidate (based on a phone interview and recommendations).  NBRTI staff will screen these requests and make recommendations to the FTA contract manager for approval/selection of peer experts for the program.  A database of peer BRT experts by field of expertise will be developed and maintained.

Upon selection, experts will be notified and will be sent a peer-welcoming package consisting of a summary of the program, the activities they may be expected to perform, billing, and reporting procedures.

Peer assignments will be based on the expertise of the expert, geographical location in relation to the requesting party, schedule/availability, input from the requestor, and NBRTI and FTA input.

It is understood that the BRT-P2P program needs will adapt as necessary to changing BRT topic areas and needs for experts in those areas.   It is anticipated that approximately 25-30 peer experts will be maintained at any given time.

Customer Feedback/Development of Usage Report

The NBRTI will document peer expert work efforts and solicit customer feedback in order to better understand and continually improve the BRT-P2P Program.  Peer experts will be required to submit detailed reports of their activities for both billing and documentation purposes.  NBRTI will similarly maintain detailed reports of all P2P activities.  Upon completion of P2P contact and actions, the NBRTI will solicit customer satisfaction surveys from the requesting parties.

An annual report will be developed summarizing the activities of the program and detailing lessons learned and best practices.  These lessons will describe the problem identified, actions taken, and results/impact of the information shared with the requesting parties.  This information will be made available on the P2P website.

Technical Assistance for P2P Network

Procedures for Requesting BRT-P2P Assistance

Requests for technical assistance will come to the NBRTI through website requests (NBRTI.org), telephone requests, or through the FTA.  All requesting agencies will be required to fill out a BRT-P2P Request for Assistance form located on the www.NBRTI.org website.  Only public agencies (i.e. transit agencies, local or state governments, or MPO’s) will be eligible for technical assistance.

Day to day Operations

In the day-to-day operation of the BRT-P2P Program the NBRTI will be responsible for the following activities:

  • Program administration
  • Peer expert invoicing and payment
  • Distributing BRT-P2P literature at conference/events
  • Program documentation/annual report
  • Provide presentation and other available materials as requested
  • Develop and publish summary BRT-P2P Newsletters

For further information on the NBRTI BRT-P2P Program contact:
Dennis Hinebaugh
Director National Bus Rapid Transit Institute
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CUT 100
Tampa, Florida 33620-5375
813-974-5168 fax

Apply to the NBRTI BRT-P2P Prgram

Apply to become a P2P Expert.

Request BRT-P2P Technical Assistance.