NBRTI has developed a survey which has been distributed to transit agencies within the United States to assess the level of involvement in operations of BRT. The survey, which was both conducted via an interactive online method and/or telephone, asked GMs or relevant transit staff the extent of BRT in their community (operating, implementing, planning, or early planning) and continued with questions regarding stations, vehicles, ITS components, capital costs, fare collection methods, operating data, agency staffing, and marketing efforts.

The database will be continually updated and expanded. *If your agency is not included in our database and you would like for BRT plans or routes to be represented with others in the industry, please click the link to access the survey, or contact

Summary of Survey Results

For ease of use, NBRTI has compiled a table of information for partipating agencies based on their level of involvement in BRT. These shortened tables are to be used for general reference, an additional dataset available for crosstabulations will be uploaded to our site shortly. Please click on each link below to access the relevant table.

Currently Operating BRT

Implementing BRT

Planning for BRT

Early Planning Stages for BRT