APTA Seattle 0509

APTA Bus and Paratransit BRT Conference Presentations       

BRT in Small Markets and Suburban Environments

Bus Lane Intermittent Priority, Graham Carey

BRT and Accessibility in Las Vegas, Brian VanHine

BRT Luncheon Speakers – Sam Zimmerman, Graham Carey

A Very Small Starts Proposal Can Be Easier Than you Think – Karl Otersstrom

Use of Charette in BRT Station Area Planning – Thomas Williams

Overview of Vehicle Assist and Automation Technologies and Applications – Rob Gregg

BRT Vehicles: Latest Technologies and Procurement Trends – Cliff Henke

BRT in the Roaring Fork Valley
– William Byrne and Kara Showalter

Quantifying the Importance of Image and Perception to BRT – Alasdair Cain and Jennifer Flynn

Designing Shuttle Services for Niche Markets
– Deeter

Vancouver’s Plan: Planning for the 2010 Olympics and Our Future – Dan Freeman

Design Considerations for BRT Level Boarding Station Platforms – Christopher Hemmer and Isabella Bejarano

A New Way of Thinking About Graffiti Removal and Prevention – Stephanie Melton

Sustainable Urban Mobility
– Monraz

Pace Suburban Bus Service: Arterial Rapid Transit Study – Tunde Balvanyos

Results of a Hedonic Regression Model…BRT Station on Surrounding Residential Property Values Along Pittsburgh’s East Busway… – Victoria Perk

BRT Station Design and Technology Integration – Phil Kinkon

The European BRT Concept
– Sebastian Rabuel

What in the World? Australian BRT – The Brisbane Busways – Steven Lucas

Greater Cleveland RTA “Healthline” BRT – Michael York

Technology Evolution in Transit Signal Priority Applications – Peter Koonce

Accessible BRT: Getting it Right From the Start
– Cosette Rees