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What is Bus Rapid Transit?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is an innovative, high-capacity, lower-cost public transit solution that can achieve the performance and benefits of more expensive rail modes. This integrated system uses buses or specialized vehicles on roadways or dedicated lanes to quickly and efficiently transport passengers to their destinations, while offering the flexibility to meet a variety of local conditions. BRT system elements can easily be customized to community needs and incorporate state-of-the-art, low-cost technologies that attract more passengers and ultimately help reduce overall traffic congestion.

Our mission of the National BRT Institute is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and innovation for increasing speed, efficiency, and reliability of high-capacity bus service through the implementation of BRT systems in the United States.

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Resources -

BRT Quarterly - NBRTI's newsletter

Summaries of BRTs in Operation in the United States

Cleveland's Euclid Corridor was featured in the Landscape Architecture Magazine (Summer 2011)

Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making

Quick Answers - Who is Doing What?

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BRT Update: An Overview of Bus Rapid Transit in the United States by Alasdair Cain, Georges Darido, Cheryl Thole, Jennifer Flynn. Mass Transit Magazine, May 2007

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BRT Basics
General Overview of Bus Rapid Transit - Brian Pessaro

Assessment and Comparison of Travel Time and Reliability of the
Eugene EmX, Los Angeles Orange Line, and Snohomish County SWIFT
Cheryl Thole APTA Multimodal, Chicago 2014

The Who and What: Bus Rapid Transit Riders and Systems in the U.S. Cheryl Thole Webinar December 2012

BRT Presentation to Livable Roadways Committee Brian Pessaro, March 2012 to the Livable Roadways Committee of the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization

Overview of Bus Rapid Transit Jennifer Flynn and Cheryl Thole Commuter Choice Workshop August 2012

Information on Bus Rapid Transit Systems in the United States
Cheryl Thole, APTA Bus and Paratransit 2011, Memphis, TN

Change in Accessibility and Convenience? Replacement of Conventional Bus Service with BRT and Its Effect on Riders Cheryl Thole 2015 TRB Annual Meeting

The LYMMO BRT 15 Years Later
Brian Pessaro June 2014 at the 2014 Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) Congress 2014 (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Tangible and Intangible Service Attributes: Quantifying the Importance of Image and Perception to Bus Rapid Transit Jennifer Flynn TRB 5th National Bus Rapid Transit Conference August 2012, Las Vegas, NV

Land Use Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit Victoria Perk and Cheryl Thole Commuter Choice Workshop August 2012

Madison Transit Seminar
Bus Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Development

Cheryl Thole, Victoria Perk
Thursday, October 1, 2009

APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference presentations
Seattle 2009

Cleveland BRT Workshop presentations
Cleveland 2008

What is Bus Rapid Transit?
Presentation Update (NBRTI)
March 23, 2006

Bus Rapid Transit
Stations and Shelters

American Planning Association by NBRTI
April, 2005

Prepared Testimony
by Gary Brosch
U.S. Senate Committee on
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
June 23, 2003

Florida Public Transportation Association Annual Meeting
June 6, 2007 BRT Session Presentations by
Tindale Oliver,
Kansas City Metro,
Lane Transit District

Senate Hearing Powerpoint Appendix (NBRTI)
U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
June 23, 2003