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Building Rapid Transit

BRT is an innovative, high capacity, lower cost public transit solution that can significantly improve urban mobility.  This permanent, integrated system uses buses or specialized vehicles on roadways or dedicated lanes to quickly and efficiently transport passengers to their destinations, while offering the flexibility to meet transit demand.  BRT systems can easily be customized to community needs and incorporate state-of-the-art, low-cost technologies that result in more passengers and less congestion. 

Designing Bus Rapid Transit Running Ways (APTA Standards)

Bus Rapid Transit Service Design (APTA Standards)

Bus Rapid Transit Stations and Stops (APTA Standards)

Operating a Bus Rapid Transit System (APTA Standards)

BRT Branding, Imaging and Marketing (APTA Standards)

Implementing BRT Intelligent Transportation Systems (APTA Standards)

TCRP 117: Design, Operation, and Safety of At-Grade Crossings of Exclusive Busways

2009 Characterisitics of BRT Systems - Federal Transit Administration's Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision Making. 2004 version




APTA's Standards Development: Bus Rapid Transit