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The Mission of the National BRT Institute is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and innovation for increasing speed, efficiency, and reliability of high-capacity bus service through the implementation of BRT systems in the United States.

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Transportation Research Board – Bus Rapid Transit

6th National Bus Rapid Transit Conference: No Longer An “Emerging” Mode

Bus rapid transit (BRT) has evolved from an emerging mode used mainly in developing countries to an established transportation mode providing sustainable mobility in cities throughout the world, including those in developed nations such as the U.S. Planners have also discovered that BRT is a flexible mode that can be used in a wide range of urban transport applications including suburb-suburb premium service, core city-suburb premium service, high-speed freeway service, feeder service to rail networks, mainline transit trucks in smaller cities and circulator services in downtowns. BRT can also serve as a catalyst for development and economic activity.

The conference will be held in Los Angeles, California, the city with the largest number of BRT lines in the country. The conference will bring together experts from agencies, the private sector and academia to explore the latest issues and trends in both research and practice related to the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of BRT systems and networks in the world. This is the sixth iteration of a very successful conference, the last of which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2012.

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American Public Transportation Association

About this Conference

APTA’s Annual Meeting is the flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, join tours, and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore hot topics, including transformative technology, community building, innovative funding and finance, safety, workforce development, worldwide mega projects, and more.

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Moving to the Future—Building on the Past

International Conference on Automated People Movers & Automated Transit Systems

The first airport automated people mover went into service at the Tampa International Airport in the early 1970s as part of an innovative terminal design. Since that time APM and ATS technology has experienced major technological advances and these systems have been used in numerous applications. As we move to the future, what have we learned and what changes in technology and applications do we envision?

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